Monday, September 15, 2008

She's Growing

You know, this morning I've been watching Glorie play and realizing that she has taken leaps and bounds in just the last few weeks.  She now plays with a lot more logic.  Just now she sat for a whole two or three minutes playing with one toy and putting all the animals in it where they needed to be.  Earlier she wasn't satisfied until she had all three of the play horses inside a toy that they don't even belong in, where she had to fanagle them through the narrow openings to get them inside.  Actually, just the fact that she will be entertained with one toy, by herself, for a little bit of time is amazing.  Actually, she is amazing. :)

AND...her speech is getting so much more advanced and clearer.  She can say "I want that." (This phrase is beginning to get especially clear).  She started singing on her own the other day (I'm sure it's partly an influence of Ariel, who sings and makes up her own songs constantly).  She'll try the words you tell her to, and she knows and can name the color pink ( as in, you can ask her what color something pink is and she'll answer: "pick!"  She loves to wear her "B" as a dress, and she likes to tell me where to sit.  She's begun picking up C.S. Lewis (it's always C.S. Lewis) off the bookshelf, walking into the living room, sitting on a couch, then opening up the book and try to read it.  The next step is to point to the seat next to her and say "Nannie BOOK!"

Liz just bought her Sound of Music the other day, and she ADORES it.  Her favorite scenes are the Do-Re-Mi singin, and the "Pup-pets!" which she will ask for over and over again.  

Yesterday was the first day I started tickling her by counting her ribs and she would curl up and laugh and then say "Mo-mo!" and we'd do it all over again.  

She's WAY into having you do things with her.  If she's going around the house on her truck, I have to go along too.

Amy, this post is especially for you. :)  We have your picture on the fridge right at her level, and sometimes she'll see it and say "Mamy!"  I asked her this morning while she was playing with my phone if she wanted to call Amy and she said "K" (which means yes) but it was too early to call you, Miss Five-Hours-Behind.  Maybe we'll try later.  =)  We miss you, Aunt Mamy!!!  

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Oh, darlings!! I miss you all very, very much. Tell her so, ok? :)