Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Dream Come True

Where to begin?  I went to Les Miserables tonight.

It was amazing.  I have been dreaming about this night for years.

First I have to say that though I ended up going with some pretty sweet people, I was missing those who had been dreaming with me for quite a while.  Rachel, Amy, Jeff...wish you were here!!!!  

Although I was seeing this amazing, redemptive, world-renowned story...there was quite a large portion of hilarity in the whole experience.  

Let's begin with explaining that this production of Les Mis was at an outdoor theatre.  The actors were dry, and it's a full on stage, but the seating is outdoor.  As in, no roof.  As in, if it rains...well, too bad.  You're wet.  It rained and we were...wet.

Then let me explain that I enjoy getting dressed up.  I really do.  I had been figuring out what I would wear...planning it, talking about it, dress-rehearsing it.  We knew it would probably rain, so I worked a pink raincoat of Suzy's into the whole mix.  I ended up wearing her little white sun dress from her rehearsal dinner (yes I know, I wore white after Labor Day.  Whatcha gonna do?  Report me to the fashion police?  I believe I live with them, and they let me go dressed in such a fashion) and I wore pink heels.  I felt darn cute.

So, when we got there and most everyone else in the theatre was wearing jeans and t-shirts and baseball caps...I held my ground and decided that I was happy I looked nice.  Half of our group dressed up, half didn't.  When it came to the rain poncho, though, I especially held my ground.  I wore a raincoat for a reason...i didn't need a poncho.  So my hair gets least I still feel cute.  
Oh, and add in that they sell concessions at the theatre.  So there we were, eating popcorn out of tubs and m&m's while one of the most famous shows in the world began.

It wasn't raining when we got there, and it lightly drizzled on and off during the First Act.  During intermission, however, it began to truly drizzle (intense drizzle, but not exactly intense rain).  I got so, so, (so!) wet.  My knees felt warm as I was sitting there, but when I touched the skin, it was icy cold.  My hand started falling asleep because of the mixture of cold and sitting in one position for so long.  My purse was pretty wet, and, it was in general a situation that was not beyond being deemed "miserable" or "pitiful".

Which does not at all mean that I was miserable.  Just the fact that I was sitting there wet through and cold was miserable.  Inside, I was smiling. :) :)

That music is incredible.  INCREDIBLE.  They run!  They show mercy!  They shoot!   Javert (who I think represents a religious spirit) hunts ruthlessly!   She loves him, he loves someone else.  She dies in his arms.  DIES IN HIS ARMS, people.  While singing about how he's finally holding her for real.  *tear*  And they wave that big red flag.  

It was awesome.  Times infinity.

I found it a lot easier to connect with how powerful the story was when I watched the movie, though.  Maybe it's because I get so caught up in the music.  I was waiting for the "and you will keep me safe...and you will keep me close" the whole play.  And, as I mentioned before, he did hold her as she died.  *tear again*  Listening and watching the conductor down in the orchestra pit made me miss music school.

So, I was really wet and cold, finally got home, and jumped in a hot shower to try to reverse any effects leading towards hypothermia/pneumonia type situations.  Now I'm all warm and in my bed, writing about all of this for you.  I do have a picture of myself all wet, but I will post it later.

Next up, seeing it in London.  Inside.  And really dressing up.

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