Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Come Home to Me!

See... I told you it would be back!

Liz found it in an umbrella stroller that has been sitting in the garage for weeks and weeks. Apparently, I took it, as usual, with us somewhere to capture fun mementos of the kids, and instead left it all alone in the garage to mope. Well, now it is back. A little bit tired and out of battery, but other than that, Alfred's doing well! (Just kidding...I have a name for my computer but not for my camera...yet)

And, do I have dimples in that picture? Or just a chipmunk smile? I think I have dimples!

Moving on.

What have I been doing the last two days, you ask? "Why yes, Annie," you say, "I have been wondering that. What has been so important that you have been doing IT instead of writing blogs for my constant entertainment?"

Well, friends, I have been doing something of the utmost importance. My room in Suz and OJ's house is now Green and Chocolate Brown!! We found a wonderful green that looks different at different times of the day at Restoration Hardware. This leads me to mention 1) I like Restoration Hardware. A lot. 2) Their paint is really nice and you don't have to worry because whatever color of theirs you pick, you can't go wrong and 3) their store is painted the same color through the entire thing. Silver sage, their signature color is everywhere. If you walk in, however, you will be convinced that it is blue in one room (with the blue bedding and towels) and green in another (with green such and such)...changes courtesy of different lighting and surrounding colors. It's fascinating!

Anyhoo...I got my green there and a little can of chocolate brown at Lowe's. Man, it was HARD to pick a brown. When I asked, Lizzie, however, she was decisive, and it got done.

THEN I had to deal with the walls themselves. Some are normal, but two (one brown, one green) are concrete. Concrete walls are filled with small little holes that are the worst idea for walls (at least those that will be painted) since...umm....the French Revolution. It takes FOREVER to try to fill those little pocks in.

The room is now all painted and clean, and I had my fantastically fun shopping trip to buy all the bedding. (Which is a graduation present from Suz and OJ! I am SO thankful and blessedI am still looking for green and brown decorative pillows, and a table (either high or low...) to put my Chinese tea set and some candles on. I will post a picture as soon as I can (and as soon as I feel I have it decorated enough to present to the world).

Happy Sunday!


Amy Rachel Peterson said...

So GLAD it's back!!!! Dora says that concrete walls are better than thatched walls. Safe and secure. No bugs coming in. Hope that's encouraging. If not, the pretty colors you've painted them must be pretty encouraging in themselves. You can imagine yourself as Perpetua, or Corrie Ten Boon, or Anne Frank... (once again, that was Dora. I don't know if I'd advise you imagining you're in a dungeon.) Basically, as long as there are no cockroaches, it will be nice and cozy.

Anonymous said...

Oh...there is just nothing in the world like a freshly painted space! You should post pics