Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Weekend

Saturday was a day much planned for. At least, for our family, the planning was quite an achievement. A day of gallabanting around downtown was expected - Sam's idea was that it would be a great day of excercise that consisted of much walking and many water bottles. This warranted some not-so-subtle hints that walking all day wasn't dad and mom's idea of the most fun day in the world. Anyhoo, we set out.

Arden ready for the day in her Dad's way cool glasses.

Had some gyros for lunch...that was yummy (except my braces still hurt so I ate with my fingers) and then dropped Annie off at Merit. Wait a might say...I thought you had a great day of downtown planned...downtown is Annie's favorite might say. But yes, I had to go to Merit. It was tough at first, I wasn't the happiest about it. At least it was an excercise in saying "you know what, no matter what I'm doing the Lord is with me and is giving me joy."

Before I go on, let me mourn for a second. Miss Melba Wright, my wonderful, amazing, unmatchable choir director from last year...has moved away. I knew nothing of it until Saturday, and it seemed quite devastating because she seemed like the heart and soul of our singing. When I first heard, I despaired and said, "I'm definitely not doing Merit Singers if she's not the director"...but the new director is very lively and outgoing, so I tried out. I used this song (I really want this good) to audition...I hope I got in.

Anyways...when Sam and Dad came to pick me up I found out that nothing much had been done without me. They went to the Bean, but nothing really beyond that -- they went home.

That night, Sam and Dorth and I went out to Chinatown and had some dinner, looked around. I got a birthday present for my friend Hannah.

We didn't eat these fish.

The place we ate had this on one section of their menu:

They were things like fried intestine and sea cucumber. Um, yeah....we had General's chicken and some beef with snow peas.

And the Cubs lost. Sorry.

this is the first picture that came up when I typed "Cubs sad" in Google image.

Oh, and, I got a bubble tea. For some reason, they couldn't mix the strawberry and the coconut flavors, each of which they have separately. They could do pineapple coconut, though. Strange.

I wanted to do a cute picture with my bubble tea, but I couldn't open my eyes for any of the pictures. Here is the somewhat embarrassing but somewhat funny reel.

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Why couldn't you open your eyes for the pictures? Braces hurting too bad??? :(