Thursday, October 25, 2007

I hardly know what to do with it...

So, I read this post and said, "that's me!" I feel so loud sometimes. I don't even realize it at the's the minute after and then you're like, "hey - I was probably really loud just now." Like today in Aldi...anyways.

This blogger blames it on her ethnicity, but I'm not even half Puerto Rican! What's my excuse? I mean, the Irish can be pretty unabashedly opinionated at times, but aren't those times usually when they're drunk?? I am not drunk.

And I feel like it drives people crazy! Maybe it's just because it drives my family crazy sometimes. Like, I inherited this thing from my mom: talking loud on cell phones... Drives my sister bonkers -- well, not quite bonkers...

So, like most things, I think this has something behind it in my life, like feeling ashamed of myself and who I am; at the same time, sometimes I'm just really loud. Please forgive me. I feel bad when I do it, just so you know. I think I have this opinion of "lady-likeness" that I feel like I should live up to, because someday that beautiful gentleness and soft-spoken kindness filled with compassion and accompanied by some darting green eyes will make Prince Charming go head over heels.

But hey, he'll appreciate someone who can scream at a football game, right? (And I WILL go to and watch football games and, by gollee, I'm gonna like 'em!) And I hope he does, because that ladylike person who likes to show herself every once in a while, that's me about less than half the time. I actually like to do random fun crazy things and be in places where I can have fun and be loud and do crazy dances that look completely ridiculous to other people (because, my mad dancing skills, well...they're not quite mad yet).
Lets just say head over heels might be a LOT better than being driven bonkers.

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