Sunday, October 21, 2007

Troublesome rice

And another random note: twice this weekend I have accidentally almost choked on something--I think it was rice both times. the first was during our exciting meal. I inhaled a grain of rice and thought for a split second: "Oh my goodness, I'm actually choking" and had a scared face... but thank the Lord for reflexes. :) And then again tonight! Oh dear...what is to become of me?

Random note 2: If you watch the video of Amy eating squid, know that I love her immediate reaction. It's classic: I'm glad I was taking a video.

Random note 3: It's late and I need to stop blogging.

Random note 4: I finally lost the cat. I mean, it's no longer attacking me. but that spot on my face still stings from her claws. I hope this doesn't continue.

1 comment:

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Biddy would be a great name...sort of a more hopeful name than an already proven one, but maybe she'll live up to it...

I'm so glad Mom got a cat! I was thinking of giving her one for Christmas if she hadn't already gotten one. Mom NEEDS a cat!