Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to Sum it up?

Sometimes a blog becomes a hard thing. That would be when you want to write on your blog about whatever is going in your life. But when those things feel very internal and not really blog-material, that is when things get difficult.
So I'll write about a product of all situations of the time.
I am eternally grateful for my friends. Eternally grateful.. Friends are so strategic. The Lord knows exactly what we need...and I have to say that sometimes friends are what make me feel sane -- which sounds kind of drastic. Actually they make me feel not alone. That has happened a lot recently.
I'm very much a not-alone type of person. If I am feeling pretty much anything - from glee to sorrow to laughter - I pretty much have to share it with somebody. Either I know Jesus is right there with me smiling with me or holding me or He's the one that told the joke, or I'm with a friend sharing the things.
And, some days (like today) I think about how I need to be sure to be leaning on Jesus instead of on people. But then, I felt like today He whispered "this person is here to support you and you can lean on them. But I Am still your Strong Tower." And I might not be hearing Him perfectly, but I do think that the Lord definitely puts strategic people in our life at strategic places.
Basically, if you were to pray for me tonight, I would ask you to pray that I would lean on Jesus and know that He is here. Right here. And ready to be my strength and the one that gets things done in my life.
And if you're my friend, come give me a hug. =)
*Oh great...I have these moments where all I want -- all I want in the whole wide world -- is to be held. Thinking about friends make me have one of those moments...at least this moment it does*

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