Monday, October 22, 2007

A Friday-type Monday!

"I like to be in America...
Okay by me in America...
Everything free in America...
For a small fee in America!"

It started, it happened, and it's over! This Monday feels so much like a Friday. It's just too much excitement for a Monday. We had gym (another crazy gym with the same game) and then I had rehearsal. Before rehearsal, Jenny did my eye make-up. We were going for the dramatic, stage-makeup effect; let me tell you that it took many coats of eye shadow. She just had to keep going and going. I loved it at the end! Amy and I tried to capture the look:

Performing is so much fun. It takes a lot, and when it's done you get to look back and say "Wow. All that work. Five minutes, and it's all over." But it's still so thrilling! I think that once I finish singing, though, there is just so much adrenaline going through my body that I shake for about two minutes.

We had a four o'clock call time, so we did our run-through (not such an encouraging run through) and then sat. for a very very very long time. We got some pizza, but, it wasn't the world's greatest pizza or anything.

Finally, we got to actually perform. Once I got on stage, I saw Amy and my Mom (I didn't expect my dad to be there, or else I might have found him too). I was so glad Amy came! She's spending the night at my house now. Thankfully, the one slightly scandalous song I sang didn't shock or appall any of them...I don't think it was too bad.

Part of what makes performing fun is the group that I do it with. We get to be friends and have our own jokes and ways of relating. I think it's special especially for me. I think it's special and good for me. My circles of friends have always been the same: church and school. With school being so small, and everyone that is around me being Christians, Merit is a change. It's interesting to hear about their schools that to me sound huge but to them are "small." I guess it's always interesting to gain new friends; it's no different at Merit, plus there's a great comradery that comes from the fact that we're all working on the same thing for the same time to perform together.
My mom went to Trader Joe's! She got me some CLIF bars. Yay. I like Trader Joe's.
I'm sure that I have other interesting things to say, but I'll have to say them some other time, because I suspect that my brain is beginning to shut down.

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

I'm so glad it went well, darling! Was "America" the slightly scandalous song?