Sunday, October 21, 2007

First let me say that I just felt very dehydrated. I had felt like that for a long while, but I hadn't wanted to get up to get some water. I learned today that that blacking out thing when one stands up can be chronic dehydration. Aha! And now that I have gotten a glass of water, I have to watch it as it sits on the floor because....

We have a kitten!! And she's snuggly. Well, at the moment she's jumpy because she just slept for the last few hours. Oh boy, she just jump and globbed onto my back. I'm beginning to see the playful side of her. AND, she just tried to attack my knee. Oh great.

But from what I hear, she doesn't like to be alone. My dad was just playing with her, and then he had to get up and do something else, and she started mewing. You know, that pitiful noise that isn't a meow, it's a mew??? Hmmmm....this is going to be an adventure.

She slept like this for about 2 neck started to feel stiff after sitting in one attitude for so long. =)

She still needs a name! Dad voted for Nummie (short for Numskull) or Ninnie (short for Nincompoop). My mom wanted me to supply a name out of a Jane Austen story, which resulted in my current vote for Ellie (short for Eleanor).

My couch is now officially an obstacle course.

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