Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Cockroach

It's true. Cockroaches make me scream. I've already admitted that on this blog. But, today was perfect evidence that I am not alone.

Today, there was on on the wall. In Worldviews. And Chris wouldn't kill it. For a second, I was squirming in my seat - "You're not gonna just LEAVE it and let it crawl up the wall, are you???"

But no! teacher to the rescue. Miss Wagner grabs her keys -- we all go: "keys?" Genesis so aptly points out: "Miss Wagner, don't throw keys at it!" Followed by a reason why not to that I can't remember right now; something like, "it'll get scared" or "it'll fall' or "it'll break."

But no fear - the keys were not to kill the bug (which, I had originally thought they were for); they were for the closet in order to get:

No joke. 409. She said, "this is how I kill bugs in my apartment." And it was brilliant! She just sprayed the bug, infecting it with the deadly chemicals of the potent bacteria-is-evil cleaning spray.

But once she sprayed it a few times, it fell on the ground.

Oh my goodness, a tank could have just rammed through our door with a canary on top it -- you wouldn't know the difference. Everyone was either screaming or laughing, because not only was Genesis (who was near the bug drop-site) screaming, but Miss Wagner, who had bravely attacked the bug, now flew across the room, screaming.

"Where is it? Where is it?" Genesis gives us all a nice finish to the story: "It's going to have babies." (since we were given the information that this is a cockroach's favorite pastime - filling any building with new baby cockroaches, Genesis apparently thinks that all a cockroach does all day is give birth to more cockroaches).

Happy Cockroach Killing. (and don't forget the 409)

and I'm resisting the urge to add a picture of a cockroach to this post, as would usually make sense. I don't want to look at them any more than I have to. So I spare you. Aren't you thankful? Poor blog readers - unwittingly just visiting the blog, and all of a sudden, you are assaulted with a picture of a cockroach. Yes, I spare you.

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, this makes me laugh so much. That cockroach incidents was so funny. I thought Miss. Wagner was going to be the "not scared of bugs, brave one"and she was for a while but when it dropped to the floor she screamed so loud and ran around the room. It was so funny, I was laughing so hard that I was crying( or rather, my eyes were getting watery). You have such a way of telling it Anna, it was playing all over in my head. Genesis has some interesting