Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Own Version

I went trick or treaing today. Shocking, I know. I dressed up as a red-headed fifteen year old! Creative, I know. *applause continues...finally I put it to an end*

I walked down my hallway and took a piece of candy. I didn't even say "trick-or-treat!" See, I'm just that unique and creative like that (I know).

Actually, I said "trick-or-treat" to my dad...but, he probably just laughed. That's why later, he came up to the door and I said, "Sorry...I only give candy to little kids."

I don't like Halloween so much...except that I get free candy without going trick-or-treating.

I have a memory of hiding in my room when I was little, because I was scared of the teenage boys that just wear their hoods and dress up as dead screaming guys or something. Turns out, I still kind of have this problem. I was outside trying to get stuff out of my car, and a group of boys were down the street on the other side and I gave up on the car door and hurried inside saying "Teenage boys scare me. teenage boys scare me."

At least, on Halloween they do. Although, they often give reason enough all the other times of the year to elicit the same feelings...

Excuse me while I go get some more candy...

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

I agree! (And teenage boys scare me too, sometimes.)