Thursday, October 18, 2007

Test, anyone?

I really should be writing stuff for my test tomorrow and studying...

"Procrastination, mental retardation.
Procastination, the game I like to play..."
Totally legit song in my opinion, written by a friend of mine. Oh wait, didn't I promise not to sing that song to people who have not yet been enlightened to the brilliancy of the tune or something????
Sam and Dorth left! (that is a mournful exclamation point as opposed to an excited one). This could be seen, though, as a step towards my future trip to Hawaii. Hmmmm....I like that way of looking at it.
Before they left, I recorded the song that I just wrote on Sam's Macbook! It was exciting. He's gonna tweak it up a little and then e-mail to me; I can't wait! (Just to let you know, I used my inexperienced guitar-playing, so, don't expect anything too fantastical or anything. (I feel like I just made up that word, but I don't think I did--haven't you heard it before??)
Me. Monday. at the Biograph Theatre. In high heels and stage make-up.
I had a dress rehearsal tonight. It's quite exciting. Did you know that backstage is dark? And that when those bright lights are straight on you, you can't see the audience? Well, yeah, it's true.
The best part is: they feed us! Haha...not really. I mean, it's not really the best part, but they do feed us; it's a great thing to look forward to. We are singing "And all that Jazz" (from Chicago) and "America" (West Side Story). Very exciting. I get to run up some stairs and sing. Makes my heart go thump-thump.
Well, I guess it's already doing that.

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Oh Annie, how fun! Run up those stairs and sing your heart out :) And you didn't tell me you wrote a definitely have to send that along once it's "tweaked". How exciting!