Sunday, October 21, 2007


A spontaneous day! I love doing random things with people and being spontaneous!

Today after church, Amy and I went with some VQ (youth group) people to play a game at Target. You split into teams and each team picks up three random things. Everyone meets together and switches carts and has to put back another team's items. Whoever finishes first wins. It was quite fun. :)

this was one of our random items:

Amy being a "Target model":
Checkin' out the fancy cameras. I have a dream of getting an awesome one someday. Nikon DL-something-something or something like that.

And then, on our way home, we passed the pile of pumpkins for sale! It started with: " Amy, take a picture with the pumpkin"

And then, it became "Let's buy a pumpkin!!!"


So, we had a pumpkin:

As you can tell from this picture, the wind was blowing today. When you walk the right direction and the wind blows your hair back, it wonderful. When you don't, it can be disconcercting. Oh well.

Isn't Amy GORGEOUS??? Oh my goodness...

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