Sunday, October 21, 2007


Tomorrow is my performance! On a stage! Very exciting.

(stage version of stage makeup at least)

And this is my outfit...

The cat is now playing very rough. She just almost flung herself off of the couch, barely catching hers claws on the side. And then she dug them into my knees.

But she's so little and skinny!!! You pick her up and it's like she's hardly there!
And now she's laying down and going to sleep again. I'll probably take her up to my room, maybe she'll cuddle on my bed... Goodnight!

*And I take it back... climbing on my head, it feels like she's putting holes in my shirt, biting my ear, and sticking my back. My skull will soon be riddled with the shapes of cat claws, and my face will be likewise. Someone save me*

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Anonymous said...

Anna, you look sooo beautiful in that picture all dressed up!!!!!! How did the performance go? Also, your kitten is wonderful. Try clipping her claws with fingernail clippers. If you do it when they are kittens, they get used to it, and you save yourself a lot of scratches. They can still scratch, but just not so easily.