Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quite the Week

I won't call it THE week...that might be my first week of college or the week before my wedding.

I wouldn't call it the GREAT week because, well, some of it was great and some of it wasn't.

I think it's more of a quite the week. Because it was a crazy week filled with many mixed things.

The beginning of the week was a continuation of Sam and Dorothy's visit: awesome.

Monday was fun: I got to leave school early and ended up going to the Art Institute with Dorothy and Becs. I watched the Office with Dorothy and that was funny.

Monday night and Tuesday morning, it felt like a bomb went off in my face...and when a bomb goes off in your face, well, it doesn't feel very good. I know that Jesus totally was shielding me and never left me, but honestly, the enemy totally tries to get each of us in those moments to that place where we feel alone. And I had a few of those. But not tons of them. Monday night was one of those weird times when you're heartbroken and so, so angry at the same time (at something that you had absolutely no control over). But thankfully, Jesus can handle that too. I think the whole thing brought out new feelings because it was the first time I had anything like it so close to me. But I also think that it brought out feelings that let me know more about how I am made. I know Jesus made me to show Him to other people. And I know that He gave me a heart to see the injured healed and the broken put back together. And I hope I get to be involved in Him doing that a lot in my life. That's what I want my life to look like. I can't sit back and see people hurt and do nothing. So I'm really glad that I already know that God wants to use me. :)

*Thank you, Jesus, that you are in control. And you are always good.*

Tuesday was intense...stuff was just intense in general at the school.

Wednesday was chapel and I led and it went great (for me at least :). I wasn't nearly as nervous as other times, and Sam, Dorothy, Arden, and my Dad were all there. Hearing Sam's voice from the back singing during worship was uber-encouraging. :) [I love my brother, can you tell?]

Thursday, Sam and Dorothy left, but my day was still pretty good. Noemi and Mr. Pan and Amy and I set up our little pow-wow for tonight (later)

Friday was a spaz-day for me but also a pretty good one...

And today. Today was a GREAT end to this week. First, I went to music school and basically sang, sang some more, sang some more, played a little piano, and then sang some more. (I get giddy when I sing; it's really good for me) And then, dinner came! We had a delightful dinner at Noemi's house and then got out to the guitars and the keyboard and just sang and sang. We tried all sorts of different stuff. We switched around instruments a bunch of times, sang worship songs, sang our own original songs. It was pretty awesome. Friends are so encouraging, you know that? I'm sure glad Jesus said we needed friends.

So...this post isn't the most eloquent or witty. But that's okay.

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