Tuesday, October 30, 2007

They're Over

Whether or not they were absurd when they happened or just plain cute now that they're over, a few phases of my life:

American GirlThere's a time in your life when it's just fine to have your greatest excitement be going to the American Girl Store and your greatest (and most expensive) treat be an American Girl outfit.
Random American Girl facts (from my life):
  • I never got Kirsten's hair done at the American Girl Salon
  • Yes, I did love getting the magazines every time they came
Orlando Bloom
I may or may not have had this exact picture printed out.

The Legolas stage kind of fit into the Lord of the Rings stage. I don't mind the LOTR bit as much as I am so incredibly glad that Orlando Bloom is over. I never want to think he's cute, I never want to want to see a movie just because he's in it. It's like I'm scarred or something.

By the way, during the LOTR stage, everything reminded me of the movies. I remember sitting at the lunch table thinking of LOTR...

Playing doctor
This lasted basically as long as playing make-believe did. I think my friends got tired of it.

Well, so maybe there are only three so far, but I'll think of more to write...I just wanted to think of something interesting to write. =)

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

I'm glad your Orlando Bloom stage is over, too! But you'll get to do the doll stage again when you have little girls :) As far as playing doctor, that too will happen when your own little family of kids are all sniffling and snotty and you don't want to pile them in the car to head to the doctor's office! :)