Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Sorry this is so long delayed (Amy....)
Sunday was a blast. We went to church and had some lunch and then jetted off (easier said than done when one's brother and one's father are having an involved discussion about jihad and the Middle East, etc). Anyways, we finally were off and we had a brilliant time.
We just walked along Michigan Ave. basically. My brother has a secret parking area - right after you get off of Lake Shore Drive (on Michigan Ave.) turn left onto the little side street and look around there. We got a spot for free!!
We went into the Water Tower Place and didn't really look at anything (except for like two minutes in the Sharper Image store) and then went back out to enjoy walking in the nice weather (at Sam's request, and later Dorth and I were thankful).
Apple store:

x-ray mac photo booth

So...we just walked down Michigan Ave. and looked so cool...ummm...I mean, we looked...happy! That's it -- we looked happy.

now don't we look happy?

We were passing Coach and I decided "I've never been in Coach...I'd like to go in." We go through the revolving doors into the way chic hall of purses thinking "they're gonna take one look at us and think know we're fakers." Well, the first thing guy said was, well, it was probably hello. And then he said, "Ooh! I like your polka dots." I couldn't even hear what he said, so Sam had to repeat it to me, and then I was hilariousty, I mean, I thought it was hilarious! I totally just got complimented on my $5 Target purse from the Coach salesperson. So, we looked around and didn't buy anything (who would have guessed) and walked away.

Starbucks....there had to be a Starbucks somehwere in there. We were thirsty.

Then, we were impulsive (it's so much fun to be impulsive sometimes) and took the free shuttle to Navy Pier. This was fun, except for the fact that it's almost Halloween and so the Pier has a fright show going on, which includes actors stationed along the Pier dressed up like dead people trying to scare you. Yeah. There should be a sign at the beginning: WARNING! The Pier is inappropriate for anyone under 15 right now.

Tons of fun! (oh, and, the $3 at Starbucks for one drink + 3 waters was the only money we spent the WHOLE TIME...see? fun can be free!)

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