Friday, August 29, 2008

To Remember Everything

For the past few days, I have felt utterly and completely disorganized. People would ask me to babysit or do something on a certain day and I felt completely incapable of knowing for sure that I was free at such and such a time. This led me to desperately want a planner. Suzy has one that is cute and constantly at her side. (the cute factor is very important...I will be so much more likely to use it if I enjoy it).

This morning two cars set off for an adventure. Glorie and Lizzie led and I drove the McD children and we had lunch at a new cafe that Liz's friends have opened and then we were onto Target. I did get an organizer and I am beginning to fill it out with great expectation. Here are the things I plan to use it for:
  • keeping straight when I am going to the office and when I am babysitting who

  • being able to plan babysitting jobs more easily

  • remembering those little things I want to blog about

  • reminding myself to do Song of the Week!!! (I am sorry about missing a few...there was DC and then after that it just totally my own brain having trouble keeping things straight) I will write it in!

  • remembering the books I wanted to read and the movies I want to see

  • making sure I get to the gym and the prayer room

  • keeping my contacts alphabetized

Here is my little beauty I've decided to name Egret. Like the bird.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about having trouble keeping things straight! It was never a problem remembering what was going on until earlier this I HAVE to put things in my phone, or I give the good old, "Do you think you could just send me an email about it?"

Anyways...congratulations on keeping your life in order :)