Friday, August 08, 2008

Quotes from the McDowell House

Ariel: But why did Jesus make the whales like that?
Annie: I dunno! You could ask Him.
Ariel: (looking up to the ceiling and in the sweetest voice ever) Why did you make them that way, Lord?

Judah: (after we finished our prayer before dinner) I want to pray again!
OJ: You want to pray again, buddy? What do you want to pray about?
Judah: goats!
OJ: Okay. Dear Jesus
Judah: Dear Jesus
OJ: Thank you for goats.
Judah: Thank you for goats
OJ: I like them.
Judah: I wike them.
OJ: Please let me have one.
Judah: Pwease let me haf one.
OJ: For Christmas.
Judah: Fwo Chwistmas.
And we ate.

They seriously need a quote board, because the things said in that family are just too classic not to be remembered.

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Anonymous said...

SO funny.