Monday, August 18, 2008

DC Chronicles, Installment 2

Here is a very un-finished commentary on a small part of my time here...I wrote it in my notebook the other night to save until I could get on the internet to actually post it.

Day 1, Tuesday
The day began early in the night...2:45 AM. Everyone assembled, waited eagerly for the Starbucks to open (we beat Starbucks to the airport. Now that's early).

Day 3, Thursday (sorry, skipped Wed...not quite sure what happened then) finally sit down and rest.

When I put on my skirt this morning, the zipper was on the left side. When I took it off tonight, it was the completely other side. Who knows, it might have made three or fourw hole rotations...I probably wouldn't have noticed.

I've had an earpiece in my ear all day, listening to the team's communication. I took it off a while ago, but I can't shake the feeling that it's still there.

So, I can't get internet inmy hotel, but I heard that DC has city-wide free wi-fi that the hotel blocks out. Bummer. What am I supposed to do? Go sit on the sidewalk and check my e-mail? Am I supposed to blog at 6:30 AM before I leave or at 9:00 PM after I get back? Ah, the difficulties...yesterday I used one of the registration computers before stuff started.

I was standing and walking all day and my legs ACHE. I know that if I stretched my shins out of their tension they would hurt a lot worse.

There is a point where I begin to find it slightly ridiculous that men and women spend their entire lives trying to earn respect for how fast they can swim. And yet I am fascinated by watching it over and over and over again. Those people's physical condition is unbelievable.

Day 6, Sunday

We finally got most of the day off! There wasn't much more we could do, since we aren't quite qualified to take apart the stage, so we went on adventures. Sadly, the Library of Congress was closed, so we ventured to the Botanical Gardens instead. One mind-blowingly cool thing about DC is that most of the attractions are free! Weee!

Day 7, Monday

I chose the smart shoes today for once. We are planning on seeing a Smithsonian and the Library of Congress and the National Archives. Yesterday, we tried to go to the Library and climbed the steps only to find that it was closed. Christina did made a valiant effort...we were really tired, and our legs are kinda wobbly at this point.

Did you know it's only a four hour drive to New York and only two to Rhode Island? I've never been to Rhode Island.
I'll update you on the actual day and more details later! Adios!

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