Friday, August 29, 2008

Knotted Up

Last night, I woke up for a second and then was instantly hit with a charlie horse in my calf. It was so mysterious...when these happen to me, I can't rub it....all I can think to do is grab my calf and focus on getting through it. It of course subsided but the calf muscle stayed tight all night.

I was confused because I ate half a banana yesterday!! =) With a little research today, though, I found out that it's possible to have enough potassium and still have problems because of dehydration...if you're not hydrated the potassium can't do its work. Since losing my waterbottle in one of the shuttles in DC, I have definitely not been drinking as much and often find myself walking around very thirsty. You know that feeling...when you all of a sudden realize that you have been going about your day extremely thirsty. You have to have that interesting revelation before you think to drink a glass of water. The thing is, I drank a big glass of water right before bed also! Maybe the vitamin B I took caused it. Now I'm making up nonsensical hypotheses. Apparently sodium matters a lot as well; except, I had salt in my hot chocolate (never EVER forget the salt when you're making hot chocolate from scratch...makes it sweeter).

The scariest theory I've seen so far is somebody who had a heart condition that caused the cramps in his right calf. Apparently, the right calf is the farthest large muscle from the heart, so when your heart activity decreases while you're asleep, the calf muscle doesn't get enough blood and cramps. All you have to do is move a little and it goes away (because heart activity increases and then solves the problem). The guy with these cramps ended up having bypass surgery. Don't worry...I don't think I have a heart condition, I just think it's an interesting story.

Next to me on the couch, Liz is introducing Glorie to the Sound of Music through YouTube videos. I was reminded of that part at the end of the sol-do-la-fa-mi-re-do song where she sings up like a fifth and a third from everybody else....super voice. For some reason I have felt interested in watching it recently...which is funny because you really only need to watch every year (or five) or so. The people in it do have some pretty sweet voices. (Like sweet as in smooth and sugary, not sweet as in rad, although they are that too). I think when I listen to Julie Andrews sing, I wish my voice sounded like that.

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