Thursday, August 14, 2008

DC Chronicles

I apologize for not writing sooner. The connection at our hotel is pretty much non-existent in the free areas, and outrageously expensive in the others. I did get online at Corner Bakery (thank you Corner Bakery for your free wi-fi!) but didn't get to blogging in my few minutes before I had to catch my ride back to the Mall.

The Mall! I have to say that it is so crazy just to be here. Everywhere we go, even when we're going because we have to, we pass unbelievably amazing sites. The Call stage is just a lawn down from the steps of the Capitol. So basically I see this and this

everywhere I go. It's pretty cool.

I have an earpiece in my ear. Mine's a pretty normal looking one but there are others that totally make us Call staff look like a band of FBI agents. Watch out.

I have been mostly just fwamming around trying to be useful and trusting that the Lord has a bigger plan for my time here than just what little jobs I can do for TheCall.

The first morning I got up at 2:45 (less than three hours of sleep). We all got here and have had very busy days since. It feels like we've been here a lot longer than three days. The Pre-Call conferences start today, so it's exciting to see what that will be like.

The stage at the Mall is probably about half way set-up, and there are trailers and port-a-potties and fences and everything. The first night we were here we met at the Lincoln Memorial with the interns and people to pray with Lou. It was pretty cool.

I'm gonna sign off. Pray for me, pray for TheCall, pray for our nation!!

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Hooray! Hope you're having such a good time (and are getting some sleep, too). You just being you and just being around is SO VALUABLE. God definitely has reasons for you to be there, and that's one of the major ones. You're YOU! And that's just plain encouraging :) You-that is. Much love to you!