Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Chinese are Dominating the Diving Competitions

Sometimes I meet people that get excited about Chicago when they hear that's where I'm from. Then they bring up baseball and I prepare to cringe inside...until I find out that they are Cubs fans....then everything's okay again.

A few days ago, I find out that the super high cell phone bill wasn't a mistake as I assumed but was actual terrible overage charges. This has never happened to me before! Granted, I've only had the phone for three or four months, but still. When I realized how much the bill iss compared to how much is in my bank account, I cried. Suz comforted me and gave me the idea to call and explain and maybe they would take some off. They did give me a $10 "good-will credit." Good-will indeed.

This, of course, left me 1) trusting that Jesus really will take care of me and 2) needing to earn some money fast. I babysat yesterday but still didn't have all that I needed. Elizabeth then offered to pay me the rest of what I needed to iron their clothes.

It took me 4.5 hours!! (including one break) Of course it made me think of house-wifery and such. Men's shirts are so much easier to iron that women's because oxfords are just so straight-forward. In the end, I feel much more competent when it comes to ironing, and it was an interesting way to spend my Saturday. Yay for ironing.

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