Monday, August 04, 2008

The Little One Pig and Big One Accent

Today I trekked to FSM to register for the Excellencies of Christ class. That lady who sits at the front desk has seen me way too many times before this. The first time, I thought I would register but then it was a different price than I was expecting, and then the second time I was sweaty and red-faced after working out but just had to run in as I passed the school to ask if classes were canceled for TheCall or not.

After handing in my forms at FSM I had to go the base to pay my fee. On the way, the "Traveling Preacher" handed me a slip of paper through my open window that delineated for me the ways that a good man will give up sin, etc. My sister just picked up the paper and I described where it came from and she said "The guy with the beard?" He must be a quasi-celebrity around here. He did have a beard and what looks to me in my memory like a safari hat. This (sort of) brings me to my next point.

It is 104 degrees here. 104 degrees, people. And I was driving with my windows open. I have this strange resistance to air conditioning. I am usually perfectly happy with just windows. Today I drove like that for the first two legs of my drive. By the third I realized that I was, in fact, very hot and the A/C went into action.

I am eight sleeps away from going to DC. That is exciting. I'm excited.

Here are a few more pictures. There has been a shocking lack of pictures on this blog lately, hasn't there? Blog whacks to me.

I am currently sitting with Glorie and Judah watching Babe. Judah is telling me how "The big duck flied!!!" and imitating the rooster "Cock-a-doo-doo" with that tone of voice that has a smile in it. This little boy has what is basically a Brooklyn accident. "AHHH Da's Pewfect" "Oh da's bad. da's TEWWIBLE" Also, we often here "But WHYYYY?" You're right!! It is the cutest thing ever. How did you know?

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