Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Difference

So, here are two videos delineating the difference between the two candidates.



Abortion is more than a life or death issue for the babies and mothers involved. The issue holds that level of gravity for our whole nation. The importance of it is not something to be drummed down or silenced because of social discomfort.

This forum at Rick Warren's church happened the night of TheCall, and there are many here who see this particular question as an answer to prayer. The Lord had stirred hearts to pray for abortion to become the "wedge" in the elections this year, and it is happening. The candidate's answers to this question have been broadcasted over and over and over again, and the important of this matter is coming back to the forefront. Even the secular media is using the word "wedge" for the place abortion is beginning to hold in the elections.

The church needs to be able to stop handing appeasement after appeasement to this issue and to those pushing it forward. I feel like part of the what the Call gatherings are crying out for is for Christians to take this (and other issues) to heart. Realize that whether or not abortion stands affects you personally.
  1. You live in this country
  2. It matters to God what goes on in this country
  3. Abortion is the kind of crime that God will not allow to continue unrestrained and unpunished forever

Lou preached at church this morning and got us all fired up about what God is doing and how vital these shifts are. Anyways...I'm probably writing about this because I just have been stirred and saddened over the last few days at seeing how many people Obama has taken in. It makes me sad to listen to what he says about abortion and then turn and watch my friends follow him and cheer him on like he is a hero.

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