Saturday, September 22, 2007

When I'm 80....

I cannot express my surprise at the 80 year old woman sitting behind me in Bourne 3.
Plus, at the end, she was smiling and laughing.
I kind of doubt that when I'm eighty, I'll be watching Bourne be ultimating and fighting the most intense fist-fight I've ever seen.

Plus, the lady next to me. I don't know what move she expected to see. Maybe, I shouldn't be so critical; but, come on. It's a BOURNE movie. When the bad guy pulls out a gun, gasps are not necessary.

Life lesson from tonight: use a seatbelt. Notice, I said use, not wear.


Amy Rachel Peterson said...

You are hilarious! and yes, gasps are not necessary.

Anonymous said...

That movie was amazing, wasn't it?!