Sunday, September 09, 2007

School Reform

I vote that:

1. School only be held on Tuesday and Friday.
2. School doesn't begin until 9 am.
3. School ends at 11:11...yes 11:11, not 11:12, as some people seem to think should be the starting time of lunch
4. We listen to Merchant Band all day
5. Papers above half a page are forbidden
6. you know, the fact that I can't think of a good #6 should be enough to show that I shouldn't be in school...I mean, if you can't think of something clever to say on your blog, what could you possibly write in a research paper? hmmm?

This is totally what I look like when I'm trying to figure out my Pre-calc on the computer!!!!

I'm not complaining...I'm trying to be funny -- I hope I'm not complaining. Honestly, I've liked school for a long time. It's just a little hard at the beginning. =P

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