Saturday, September 22, 2007


That catchy title just came to me: yesterday was really hot, plus I felt fried all day inside.

Yesterday was another super early morning. I got up at like 5:20, but took like twenty minutes to get dressed. I don't know if things you do ever get on your own nerves, but yesterday, my lengthy indecision got on mine.

I got a Starbucks again for getting up early! This time I got an iced white chocolate's not as good without the raspberry.

I have to admit that once I got up to the computer room, clicking around in my boots all by myself installing Professor Teaches Word on all the computers, I was in dream land, organizing my crazy business day where I have to fly to New York, reschedule all my appointments for phone appointments to be done while I'm in the car to and from the airports, and grab a sandwich with my boyfriend so he doesn't feel rejected and second place as I jet off to the East Coast. you know a little bit more about me. {side note: I used to be in dream land all the time, thankfully the Lord gave me some freedom as He loves to do, and I am not in that it's more of a normal once in a while}

School started and it took forever. I have heard my friends say that they are bored out of their minds before, but, I usually don't get to that point. Yesterday, I felt like I was going to explode. Me on my "Fry-day": super bored, no joy, and feeling like 4 seconds from exploding.

On our way to gym, we passed Mr. Pan's motorcycle and I said, "I might ask him for a ride, I've had such a weird day." This right here is an example of how we try to get our joy from circumstances, like trying to regain mine on a motorcycle...somehow it never really works.

THEN, my day turned around.

On the way back to the school after gym at the park, we passed Noemi sitting in her car. I stopped to talk with her, and after talking about math at school for a little bit, finally got to the point and said, "You want pray for me?" So she said, "Yeah" just like my beautiful friend Noemi always would, and said "for what? just for joy?" and then I told her about some of the tension that's been going on at school, which she already knows about, and she totally encouraged me and basically told me exactly what I need to hear, answering what I'd been wondering about the whole situation. And she prayed for me. JOY level totally goes up.

So then, Amy and I start talking to Mr. Pan about the outreach he was going to go on, and we got to pray for him and hear from the Lord about it. Oh boy, people. Want some joy? Start asking the Lord some questions.

Now my joy level is WAY UP. I've gotten filled, and what do you think I get...a motorcycle ride anyway! And then I got to see my dear Rachel because she came home from college for a night!

We went to Target and I got a super cute purse for $5.00 with polka dots and Rachel got a cowgirl hat for her barn dance tonight and Amy got super cute white hat.

Then we sat in the car...*our conversation* and I called Chloe and it turned out to be just a great day!

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