Saturday, September 08, 2007

A week!

Here I am, typing as I dance... "When I go out, oh I know I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you...." "and I would walk 500 more..." It's a great dance song!!! =P

I'm done with my first week of school!!! The first week of my last year of high school, people!!!!!

that pretty much covers it.

So, I probably didn't look that way walking around school, but, it is an exciting thing, whether I think of that fact all the time. =P, do you think I will be going to PLU? Or University of Puget Sound? Or maybe, Westmont????? Do I need to think about that right now???

Jesus, Jesus (his Name is so beautiful), is being so good. He speaks!!! He speaks to me!! He speaks to Amy!! We have fun when He speaks to us together! That happened this week. Ummm...he totally set stuff up - I got as a prayer partner the girl He had been putting on my heart! Me and Amy got to pray and just hear truth about this year. My Jesus is so good. I'm excited because I get to watch Him be good and sovereign and the authority in my life this year and the year after that and my whole life! I'm excited about life, guys. =)

School was interesting....things are still a little bit in the air, with teachers and everything. We have 2 new high school teachers, so far. Our new humanities teacher is quite different from Mr. Mann, but I'm sure we will all get used to each other soon. We got our second new teacher on Friday--he will watch over the computer room, teach boys gym, and teach boys Bible.

Chapel was on Wednesday. Amy led worship and I sang. Honestly, I think have doubt to work through about worship leading. There are lines that I've totally been listening to: that my piano and my singing is not that nice but I'm just kind of kept there; that people don't really want me to lead. I think this is probably stuff that I shouldn't believe, since I'm pretty sure that they're not what Jesus thinks. There. It's decided. Jesus doesn't think it so I shouldn't either. I really would love to be a worship leader. Miss Wagner was encouraging Amy and me after chapel, though, telling us how she sang on the worship team at her church, and it felt so futile and like it wasn't doing anything, but when she led at her school and people were responding, it was sooo different. Maybe that is part of it, but I know that there is a place where the enemy totally wants to put me down and tell me things that aren't true, and I think that's probably what's going on in this case.

Today, Amy and I and Christy went shopping for a birthday present for my friend Chloe. After we got the actual present, we went to Borders to get a card, and I was happy because the cards that I love at Borders were on sale, so I got an extra one to have around and I got these cute little sticky things for my scrapbook.

My scrapbook! I'm planning on keeping a scrapbook of this year, since it seems to be quite the year.

Well, I think I am going to go play some guitar. I'll be back later, maybe post some pictures. ;)

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