Friday, September 28, 2007


Wow! A whole week of nothing exciting, and then two posts in one day. Things are looking up.

wow that picture is a little too big...

So! kittens. Leah loved this kitten who totally just fell asleep in her arms

so, this isn't the greatest picture of me, but I mean, come in, there's a kitten in it!

Mom loves having a cat, and she hasn't had one for a while, so she's thinking of taking one of these. In fact, she's thinking of taking TWO so that they have a friend. =)

I have to admit that I don't really feel in the mood to have little kittens running around my house. For the record, they would be my mom's cats...not mine.

So, although I don't claim in any way shape or form to be a cat LOVER...though I like holding and petting a cat who will show me love, a.k.a. choose to sit on my lap. (I'm a sucker for being shown love! :) But kittens...I think kittens are some of the cutest things in the whole world - besides human babies...kittens are just unbelievably sweet.

In other news, when I opened my locker this morning, a cockroach jumped off the door and onto the floor. I screamed. No one came to my rescue. Well, it was only like 7:00 so the only other people there were Anthony and Mr. Pan through the doorway in the gym. I kicked the lockers and finally killed it. Anthony laughed at me for being so traumatized once I galloped into the gym and explained my story. It was traumatizing.

Oh, and, that gnat that was flying around my head. That's annoying.

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