Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Good Run

I really feel like I need to love running. Don't I?
There's always that feeling of "I should be able to run at least 2 miles. Or even the 10 miles that some people can do by snapping their fingers."
Why do people love to run? Why can't I love to run?
I think music helps...but I don't have an iPod or an mP3; I borrowed Jinny's once for a run, and the time passed so much more quickly.
Also...a mile is a lot longer than I thought. I ran all the way to Portage Park once, but, somehow I feel like that's not that great compared to other distances.
What do I need to do?
I think I need to jog. Regularly. and log what I do so that I keep doing it.
I want to run forever. By that I mean that I want to start now so that I can't stop. So that I'm still running when my life is different, and I'm older and I
I don't know what will help. What will make me fall in love with running? What will get me addicted? Just doing it? Go out and run and eventually I will love it? Is that it? Do I need a buddy? Do your motivations make a difference? Will I be more willing to run if it's so that my heart is healthy when I'm 82 rather than because I'm trying to look skinnier in my jeans?
I think...I know my motivations need to change.
I just want to get addicted to running. Or swimming - I like swimming. That could be excercise!
I've always viewed myself as somebody who could never run a marathon or those multi-miles. But maybe I could. Maybe.

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