Friday, September 14, 2007


It's 6:50 AM...I got here like 30 minutes ago. I'm at school. BUT!! the redeeming fact of this early morning rendezvous is -- I got a white chocolate mocha with a few pumps of raspberry...AND a scone. Yum. I do like my Starbucks.

And, today is the day! Horseback riding! and more horseback riding! oh, and, a little more horseback riding! Amy and I are off this afternoon to a weekend of, you guessed it, horseback riding! Can you even imagine how exciting this is????

And, I have joy! No matter what happens or who thinks what or whether or not we get homework from the sign on the wall, I have joy!!! Joy, people! Do you realize how cool it is that no matter what happens, even if we lose our house or something crazy like that, our lives still get to be joy-fests!

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Joy-fest life! I love it :) Thanks for the sweetest card ever, dear.