Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm a senior! (kinda)

School started today! And, I'm graduating! But, I don't know if I can call myself a senior. My mom said that she'll leave it to the staff to decide. My fate is in their hands. Well, not really...just what I'm called this year is in their hands; but you know what, that's not even true because Jesus has it all planned out already. And you know what, I think that what I am called kind of makes a difference to me and relationships and stuff, so, it really is in Jesus' hands and I'll just wait and see.

Anyways, that's not at all the point of this blog. I am really tired, so there's a chance that I might not be able to finish up the last stories of KC, which is kinda sad, because looking back on my blog helps me remember fun times and stories -- sometimes the blog is more for me and my memory; except that people reading it is always fresh in my mind as I write and stuff. I may just have to leave it to my sister...Amy, hint hint =) (but don't do it when you should/could be writing....I don't want to tempt you. )

My heart is, um, gargantuanly full. Is that a good adjective? I'm not so sure, if I can't spell it. I'm not sure I have the energy to write it out, so I'm just gonna put this link, and you can read what Emery wrote, because, I was shocked and blessed by the fact that I opened up one of my favorite blogs, and, there was a description, almost to the tee, of my heart at that very moment. Of course, there's a slightly different angle since from my perspective it's from, well, my perspective. But I have to say that as I go through these feelings, I know that I want to pray for peace from the Lord because I am where I'm supposed to be at the perfect timing, so I want His peace and joy...and I need to be aware of the enemy's schemes, because JOY and PEACE are such important parts of this coming year, that I know he would love to be full force against them. So, help me keep watch, and pray for my peace - PLEASE.

And can I tell you that there are moments where I almost/do cry a little because I would just love to be in one of my sisters', or Chloe's, or Callie's, or Hannah's arms right now? I really need peace from Jesus, which I know I just need to accept, it's not like He's holding out on me. Because I am in His arms, and lies that I should be somewhere else than I am right now have no place in my life!! Jesus is always good, and He has amazing things planned and amazing ways to use me this year!

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

He sure does!!!!