Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Picture Wall

Ever since I moved my room and painted it orange, I have wanted to have tons of pictures up on the walls. It finally happened! Yay! this is so fun for me.

So, the chosen pictures are:

Amy, Glorie, and I

Top: Amy looking shocked as Rachel tries to whack her with an umbrella

Right: Sam, Dorothy, and Arden

Left: Chloe, Callie, and I on Moberg's boat...very excited.

Left: Ariel

Right: Rachel, Amy, and I on our portrait day

Bottom: Ariel making her silly face and Judah looking UNBELIEVABLY cute

And on the other wall:

Top: Suzy's wedding: the bridesmaids and her

Bottom: My beautiful other set of "sisters"

I have other pictures in frames, like of Amy and my Dad and some from Liz's wedding. I have one of Elizabeth, Amy, and Suzy (it's actually Amy's and I stole it during her travels) and it's so beautiful and I get to see it right at the end of my bed every day! And there's some of Vicky and one of Ariel and one of Dorothy when she married Sam and another of Me and Liz when I was younger. Lots of pictures in my room -- yay!!

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Heidi said...

Sweet Annie, do you mind if I link to your blog from ours? I love reading about your life and I think our friends and blog-wanderers would find your truthful, fun writing refreshing, too.
Happy day, friend. Say 'hi' to my other delights, please.
heidi b