Sunday, September 09, 2007


I have to admit, I like my Starbucks. I really do. I would love to have the money to get Starbucks guilt-free often (or a Starbucks card). *cough* gift *cough* idea *cough*.

In leiu of this fact, I was most happy to accompany Amy on a trip to Starbucks and then, most happy to share with the Miss Bee.

Try this:

Hey guys, what is this adventure?

Can I have some more of that?
I'll take that straw, thank you.


What a cutie! Her first frappucinno -- oh wowzee.


I Live For Christ Jesus said...

the little baby is sooooooooooo cute. I love reading your blog it is so much fun and by the way you got the song about frustration stuck in my head that could be a good thing.
love you girl and miss you.

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

That was so fun :) And you really did have the privilege of giving her her first frappachino! Uh-oh...just how much is she going to love Starbucks when she's your age?