Sunday, September 23, 2007


I wore white today. And it's after Labor Day.


Shocking, I know. I bet you are reeling, because it just so...uncouth. But! It's still warm, so I wanted to take this last opportunity to wear my cute summer dress. Actually, I decided to wear the dress because I wanted to wear my white flip flops (and because other cute things were in the wash and the shirt I was going to wear is too big for me), and then "oh, the summer dress!" and then "it's still warm! I should take my chance!" So, this may be the last time of the season, but, I mean, how fun is a summer dress.
It's weird how I find myself with these like fashion cravings. One thing at a time -- like, a jean skirt, and then new jeans, and then a summer dress, and then a purse. It's like one thing I want and I keep on wanting it until I get it. {Boy, that sounds kind of selfish and materialistic, huh? that's not what i'm trying to sound like...this actually happens to me} Like, I wanted a jean skirt for sooo long. This thing of "I need a jean skirt" because it feels like it's a fashion necessity or something. I finally got one. But I grew out of it. Yet, I don't feel this intense need again to get one. I would like one, sure, but that craving for it isn't there anymore. It was like a one-time thing!
So I had been wanting a new purse, and I got one kind of like what I had been wanting for $5 the other day. but I don't think it satisfied the craving. I think I am still looking for a cute brown one.
Wow. this post sounds really materialistic, doesn't it? Oh dear. I hope you understand.

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Unknown said...

annie, you're adorable in your lovely summer dress (even after labor day). i love you!