Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Your Father knows that you need these things... (Luke 12:30)

Last night was one of those times where you get to the prayer room and you are so glad you did. When I walked in, they were singing these words, and I quickly copied them into my journal:

"All man's empty promises
Lie broken at Your feet
But You
Have never broken one."
which led on to:
"You give beauty for ashes
Garments of praise
You give infinite mercy
To those who fear Your Name"

It was a good set. :)

So, one of the biggest brain-space consumers over the past week has been trying to get water companies to donate hydration to TheCall. The first guy I asked a long time ago asked me if I was crazy (yes, he literally made a fuss about someone asking him to donate) and since then, I haven't quite found the person that will say that magical word "Yes." The funny thing is that two days ago was the first time (I am not kidding -- I have no idea how I forgot about this) that I remembered "Hey! Wait a minute! JESUS is in charge of this whole thing...He will get us water!" [Badoink!!]

And then I was able to share with others -- dude, God will provide. And ask people to pray. Which brings me to my second point of this post. I was working in the Staff office yesterday for a long while, and told them at one point that we are praying for water for TheCall. They totally took it to heart and were full on board. Yes, you're right: we will be praying for water! They remembered and I realized that there was a sincerity in their belief that I haven't been around for a while. When, in that little office, we talked about the assurance that God will provide, it was truly believed. It just makes me thankful once again to be here.

Suz and the kiddos will be arriving tonight. And they'll be staying. :)

Last note: I am greatly looking forward to the days when I have nine children, two dogs, and a goldfish. That goldfish is gonna rock. my. world.

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