Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Observations about Kansas City

Here are a few thoughts I have formulated during my time here in Kansas City (okay, well, maybe I'm formulating them right this instant, but they're still about Kansas City)
  • It gets really hot here.
  • The prayer room is always open. Did you know? It's actually quite a revolutionary concept when you suddenly realize that you can never be late. Well, actually you can be, because if you're on staff, you have to be there at a certain time... And maybe the Lord told you to go and you're dilly-dallying. My point is...if you get there at 8:15 or's not really late.

  • There are lots of spiders. And they like to eat me. Ewww.

  • There are lots of women here who are always dressed so so cute. And most of them are married to musicians. So maybe I should marry a musician so that I can be stylish. Hm.
  • It looks like Florida to me.
  • Gas is cheaper here. But still expensive.
  • I look forward to going to church! I totally miss that Saturday night services at New Song were the hightlight of my week. I got excited on Wednesday that it was closer to Saturday. Now, I like going to church again! Just last week, I got to, in person, hear Lou Engle preach a crazy awesome message that was so so encouraging. I love being here.

  • Everybody goes to Target. And the Targets, they have grocery stores in them. Duh-duh-duhhhhhh....
  • There are too many IHOP families to count within a one-mile radius of where I live. Wait...try half a mile. Too many to count.
  • There is lots of air conditioning. I believe I've commented on this situation before.
  • All the streets are curvy. It's so confusing to a little Chicago brain that is used to everything being a grid. Somebody needs to learn how to plan streets better and they should take a little lesson from their good Windy City friends up north.
  • Glorie is really really really cute. I could munch her up. In closing, here is proof of those two facts. (Wait, no...there aren't any pics of me munching her up. Just kisses.) These pics are from the other day when she found out how FASCINATING it was to watch herself make faces in the camera. Liz and Peter's camera screen flips out so that you can take good self-portraits...and Glorie went wild with it.

I totally copied her on this smooching one. She did it, so i did it.

Happy Thursday! :)

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