Thursday, July 17, 2008

On the Wonder

Glorie has now been in bed for her nap for over two hours; I may or may not have just heard her singing to herself upstairs. I plan for long naps, you know. We are sure to do something tiring outside and then consume a good, full lunch so that she sleeps well and long. It's my time to clean up and get stuff done for theCall. (And eat hummus. I love hummus.)

This morning I was laying on the floor and Glorie dropped her full plastic sippy cup right on my lip. It hurt and swelled. She later felt bad and used her stuffed penguin as medicine, coming up and dabbing it on my lip. :)

Every day I love her more. I love finding the new fun things to do that make her smile. I love it that I can choose to be joyful and be delighted with hanging out with her, and it makes our day so much better. I love putting on "Lunch Tunes" for her to dance to while she eats her favorite things. I love teaching her how to "finger dance", an art I learned from Dora. It involves taking your index finger on both hands and waving them in the air, thus doing what some might call an inside-dance, toned down and comparable to an inside-voice.

She loves the pool. And ducks. And her B. And Mom-mom and Dada. And woof-woofs.

And I love her.

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