Monday, July 21, 2008

Song of the Week

I think I've decided to create a weekly spot on this blog known as Song of the Week. Being exposed to a new iPod (Liz and Peter's) with some pretty cool music, I get inspired by many news songs and kind want to share them. So, hopefully every Monday I will post a new song known as the Song of the Week. What do you think of this Song of the Week idea? Are you excited about listening to the Song of the Week? Do you think you will wait expectantly every Monday, morn till dusk, just waiting for the Song of the Week to be published? Are you sick of hearing about the Song of the Week? (My guess is that your answers are It's great. Yes. OF COURSE. and "with all my heart" on that last one.)

Without further ado, let me introduce you to....[CURTAIN]
This week's Song of the Week
It's Green Eyes by Coldplay and I feel special every time I listen to it. :)
*I reserve the right to have more than one song of the week, a phenomenon that will be happening this week.
This song I had heard sung by Tim Reimherr (who will probably be appearing on this Song of the Week deal himself a few times in the future) in worship sometime and only recently found out that it was Phil Wickham's song. Listen to it. A couple times. It's amazing. "You take my breath away..."

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