Monday, July 21, 2008


Two Young Lasses are Enjoying the Sunshine in Kansas City
After surviving being chased by a flock of wild geese who really really really wanted the bread they had, these two ladies are happy once again. Safe and sound inside their own house and having left the geese at the park where they found them, Annie and Glorie had a pleasant and productive afternoon.

The Hair of the Mad Scientist

Everyone knew she was brilliant, but today Glorie showed it through her hair that resembled scientists of such great fame as Albert Einstein and Steve Martin.

Annie Looks with Great Hope Towards Installation of Memory
The famed memory upon which the hope of a faster computer rests finally arrived today. The Annie Chronicles will keep you posted on how it turns out. We look forward with great expectation and hope for a speedy and successful installation process.
Special Editorial
On Kind Employers: by Annie P.
I have to share my joy. The other day when I babysat for a mother who lives nearby, she called during the day to ask what kinds of things I would like to snack on and what I'd like to drink while I would be babysitting that night. This was amazing. Not only did these amazing circumstances blow my socks off with how thoughtful she was, but it also led to my first experience of having a Ben & Jerry's carton all to myself. This stuff is amazing.

Really amazing.

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