Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Brown, meet Blue

Say hello to what has been my obsession (almost) for the past few weeks. We repainted the room and I began the stencils around the wall. Then we were interrupted by the week to Minnesota then got back and went double-time, working on finishing it. I felt like I had to had to had to have it done before Suz and OJ got here (they are staying in there). Monday night I stayed up until 3:30, and the stenciling is finished, and we found the comforter last minute at TJ Maxx. I finally found a box for all my office-type stuff (seen on desk shelf) and I decided to buy a pretty brown plate to hold lotions and stuff, rather than spend $8 bucks on a box. That is ribbon around the doorways, and I am just so so happy with it all.

Meet my dreamy brown and blue room. Something about working on making something beautiful feels so so great. :) :) :)

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

It's gorgeous!!! (? Did I spell that right ?)