Friday, July 25, 2008

Rude Awakening

Now that I am laying down I just had a chance to notice that yes, I did get guacamole on my cream-colored shirt tonight. Oops.

Yesterday was quite a day for me. As you already know, I found out that I'm going to DC. There were a few other happenings, however. One is that I was awoken by a strange rumbling that was actually quite startling. I was groggy and just heard this loud rumble and then "REVVVV REVVV" sort of like that and then more very loud rumbling. I finally got it together to look outside and find the nemesis of sleep, a shiny blue vintage car. As I watched, the guy got out of it and just left it running there on the driveway. If this had happened in the middle of the day, I probably would have wondered what the sound was, maybe gone and checked it out, and not really cared that much. Seeing as how it kept me from sleeping, however, I feel that I have a permanent animocity towards this blue car. The morning is no time to be disturbed by noises that resemble a tyrannosaurus rex tearing up your street. Now that I've confessed my dissatisfaction with this noise here, perhaps I can move on.

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