Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Explosive Simplicity

In my last post, I noted how I have thought of millions of things to write but have remembered none of them. I also do this with thoughts: I forget them in half a second...but still start a sentence to ask the person whatever I was going to ask them. That sentence usually remains unfinished and I admit that I have the short-term memory of a ninety-year old. A ninety-year old whale, that is. But I digress.

There is one thing that I have wanted to blog about for a while and I have remembered it and remembered it and now finally I can write it down.

There is a cd that Elizabeth and Glorie have by a group called Plumb. The whole cd is lullabies and there is one called God Will Take Care of You. Go listen to it. Listening to this song, I was so struck by how it takes the simplicity of a children's song to pierce your heart. One day on a drive to some place or another, I realized what the song was saying and realized that it was something I had totally forgotten. Maybe not totally, but somehow the reality of God's simple care for us had left the forefront of my mind. I wonder how many times in our life we will have those little reminder moments where God whispers something to us that is just so simple. We were off trying to attain holiness or happiness (or happy holiness) by deciphering the deepest thing we could possibly find and instead Jesus has to whisper "I'm happy; so you can be too" or "I will take care of you" or "I like you" and you're on the top of the world.

Something about that song and how simple it is shocked me. How could I have forgotten that Jesus will take care of me? In the way that Elizabeth and Peter just want to take care of Glorie...simple things...God will take care of you.

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