Friday, July 18, 2008

Victorious (I Should be Singing the Rambo Song)

I love working out. It feels good.

This morning I dashed out the door to work out and be back in time to shower and be totally ready at 10:00. Liz said she had to leave right then to go to Costco and make it back by Glorie's nap. A little friend was over for a playdate with Glorie, and 10 was when they would be done and we would leave. So I dashed to the gym (Grandview really needs to raise its speed limit) and did the elliptical like super-woman for twenty minutes (2.34 miles in 21 minutes...not terrible) and then dashed home (Grandview really needs to raise its speed limit). I got home around 9:48 or 9:52...somewhere around there. I was downstairs, ready to go, hair clean and put up, even with cute earrings on at 10:02. 10 minutes, people!

And then Glorie started to meltdown and had to take a nap and we didn't go to Costco.

The end.

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