Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Song Just for Me

So apparently, in an old making of the Lord of the Rings, there was a song about Frodo of the Nine Fingers (remember, Gollum chomped one off).

OJ began singing this song and inserting "Judah" into it resulting in a catchy little tune known as "Judah of the Nine Fingers."

Ariel, being the genius that she is, quickly picked it up. And began serenading everyone with it. Suz and OJ thought that this might not be the best idea, and not wanting to curse Judah with the idea of having only nine fingers, added a line to the song, thereby bringing it to it's pinnacle of perfection.

"Judah of the nine fingers....and also one more."

Ariel was delightfully singing this song in the Kids' Museum we visited the other day and I decided to record it. Upon being prompted to perform a rendition of the song, she came up with this little beauty dedicated all to me.

I am honored.

And I love her. To pieces. And to the moon and back. (Did you know that that phrase "to the moon and back" came from a book??! Guess How Much I Love You. Yup! I found that out when I read it to myself before bed the other night, in a moment of terribly missing my snugglebugs who I could cuddle at every opportunity given).

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