Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pains of Growth

I had an accidental eBay purchase.  I mean, I remember thinking about it, and deciding nothing bad would come from bidding, and pressing "BID" button of doom, but then I forgot all about it.  Next thing I know, I am getting an e-mail that I won my eBay item.  "What ebay item??" I ask myself, then remember.

A couple weeks ago I watched Fireproof with Suz and OJ.  Okay, so it's not the greatest acting you've ever seen, BUT it was jam-packed with truth about marriage, and I ended it feeling like "Wow.  Somebody who was never taught how to love his wife well could actually learn something from this movie."  I would say that's worth more than good acting.

Anyways, it sent my sister on a Kirk Cameron research-stint.  She watched his interviews on Good Morning America about the movie, and found out fun things about his family (his first on-screen kiss was to the girl who later became his wife!).  What earns him the most points in my book is that four of his six children are adopted.  YAY!

This also sent Suz on a time of reminiscing about the wonders of Growing Pains...which led me to think that she would get a kick out of having the show on DVD around.

Which led me to bidding on something on ebay.  Guess?  The First Season of Growing Pains!  It came today, and I'm currently looking for people to come watch it with me tomorrow night while I babysit a sleeping Glorie.  I've never even seen a whole episode.

This should be interesting.  


Anonymous said...

hahaha. that's so funny that you bought it. =) i want to come watch it!

Kacie said...

I love your heading photo - did you make it yourself?