Friday, March 20, 2009


I could watch the waves forever.  

Something about the way they roll perfectly, creating a glossy curve as they try to reach from the ocean to touch the sky.  Something about the way they slide, slide, grow, and then crash to make foamy power.  Something about how they just keep coming.  Something about how each one is different even though they do almost the same thing.

Why do the waves fascinate me?  I don't know...  I'm not a nature person and usually can't just wait in one place for the sake of watching something, but today I just stood, and I watched.  I tried to let the picture speak to me of the love of God.

There were moments when it seemed like the foam almost reached my toes, only to recede back just before touching me.  That reminded me of how the Lord is our protector -- how things that could so easily overcome me are held back by the hand of Jesus that tenderly holds us and fiercely protects us.  There's a line in a song by Barry & Michelle Patterson that's a favorite: "He is warring your undoing..."

And then there were the multiple moments where you stand on the sand, staring at the ocean, only to have your toes then ankles all of a sudden baptized by a cool wash of salty water...and then how can you help but remember how Jesus pours His love on us in ways that absolutely overtake who and where we are?

Oh Jesus, overtake where I am.  I'm waiting on you to speak.  Come Jesus.  Holy Spirit, rise up within me.


For the record, I received notice of my acceptance to the University of Puget Sound today!  This is very good, because it's one of my top 3 options.  I would love to live back in Tacoma!  When I spent the summers there, I was convinced that I must come back to live.  We'll see!

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Anonymous said...

If you're going to go to college. UPS is the only place I'll accept.