Friday, March 20, 2009

These are stuck in my head.

The Fabulous Bentley Brothers must be geniuses.  For reals.  I like these almost too much.

First, 2 Samuel. Don't forget to catch the line about how touching the ark is "curtains for you".

And 2 Chronicles: how else would I learn all the kings of Judah? "Jehoahaz out, Jehoiakim in...courtesy of the Egyptians!"

These guys are on "Jelly Telly", the new project of Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales.  They produce something similar to a tv show for kids every weekday, all about Biblical concepts and God's creation.  It's great!  


valerie said...

Thanks for coming over for a visit on my blog.
I loved Chicago! It was so much fun. We
loved every single minute of it.
That pizza was so good we had to have it twice. :)
Nice to meet you!

Justmatt said...

Hey Annie! thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to following your blog!