Monday, March 16, 2009


In Atlanta...the IKEA run, with a baby moby-d to me!
Katrina feeding a baby in the light of our first Florida sunset...
The beach!  The beach!  It's real!!

When in Florida, the baby must be allowed to play among the palm fronds.

The shuttle launch:  First me and Katrina, then the whole Bohlender clan, then Grayson.


Tonight, Jackson, Katrina and I went for a walk down the beach (in the dark).  It was lovely, walking there in our bare feet next to the roar of the waves and getting our feet baptized every time one came up.  Well, it was lovely until a huge wave came rolling in, we all jumped to run away from it, and my phone jumped out of my pocket and into the water.  Praise the Lord I found it, because it was dark and it SO easily could have been carried out to sea, only to be found and eaten by some poor sea turtle out there somewhere mistaking it for a jellyfish.

We dismantled it right away, dried it off, and went on our merry way.  It is currently sitting open, drying hopefully.  I am hopeful, because I spilled lemon-honey water on my computer once and it is okay -- the space bar is still a little sticky, but at least it runs.  I prayed over it quite a bit that time, and I'm hoping my phone makes it.  Jesus can heal electronics!  Although, I'm kind of in limbo about believing He would want to heal my phone, because, well, I use my phone a lot...especially to twitter.  And while twitter deepens my friendships, it also may hold a bit more of an important place than it should.  Anyways, I don't know what Jesus thinks about my phone dropping in the ocean, but I'm hoping it survives.

If only I had a vacuum cleaner...

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Anonymous said...

Stick your phone in the fridge for a couple of hours. It's one of the few things I know of that works...